The Japanese Society for Emergency Medicine (JSEM) is a non-profit organization which has been created to promote the advancement of emergency medicine and devote itself to relieve patients suffering caused by diseases and disorders regarding emergency and critical care by improving beneficial research, education, and clinical practice in acute, critical care medicine including pre-hospital emergency care. These major activities are accomplished by the organization of congresses, training courses, and publications, participated in by not only doctors, nurses, emergency life-saving technicians, radiological technologists, pharmacists, and other medical staffs.


President and Directors

President: Tetsuya SAKAMOTO

Vice President: Yasumitsu MIZOBATA

Keiko AKASHI,   Seiya KATO,   Keiji SAKASHITA,   Hideharu TANAKA,
Joji TOMIOKA,   Satoshi FUJIMI,   Nariyasu MANO,   Toshimitsu MORIZUMI,
Kiyoshi MATSUDA,   Kichiro MATSUMOTO,   Naoto MORIMURA,   Takashi MORIYA

Hiroshi OKUDERA,   Takashi NAKAGAWA




The JSEM comprises 20 committees.

Official Journal of JSEM

Journal of Japanese Society for Emergency Medicine


Principal Office

The office of Japanese Society for Emergency Medicine

c/o Herusu Shuppan, Co Inc.
2-2-3 Nakano Nakano-ku, 164-0001 Tokyo, Japan
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FAX: 03-3380-8627
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